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Lagos is one of the most interesting historical cities in the coast of Algarve.  It is located 75 km from Faro Airport.
 The history of Lagos has since then been clearly linked to the sea, being a meeting point for international routes.

  According to the historic reports, Lagos was definitively conquered from the moors in 1249.
 During the reign of Afonso 4th, Lagos became  well established as a city, particularly due to the
 construction of large protection walls around the main square area.

Thanks to the Portuguese Discoveries, Lagos gained an even more prominent role, particularly during the reign of D. Joao 1st,
 around 1415.
Two of the most famous inhabitants of Lagos, Lourenco Gomes and Antonio Gago, discovered the island of
 Madeira in 1419.

 Gil Eanes also departed from Lagos, for the famous journey of the
 Cape of Good Hope in 1434.The history of Lagos has since then
 been clearly linked to the sea.
The 15th century was Lagos golden
For over 40 years, the city, due to its strategic location, directly
 opposite the northern coast of Africa, acted as a main stop-over
 location for all the ships involved in the discovery of the African

 All the exotic products, such as ivory, gold, silver were commercialised in the city and Lagos started growing considerably.

 New houses and churches were built, national and international bankers moved into the city and establised their businesses
 and trades.



The earthquake of 1755 destroyed a large part of the city and Lagos only started recovering in mid 19th century, thanks to the
 establishment of fishing industries. Yet, the charm of the old streets and many old buildings remained untouched even after the
 earthquake and it is still clearly visible today.   

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